• Mohammed Ali
  • work of art painting sculpture on canvas pop art creation
  • work of art painting sculpture on canvas pop art creation
  • work of art painting sculpture on canvas pop art creation
  • work of art painting sculpture on canvas pop art creation
  • work of art painting sculpture on canvas pop art creation
  • painting sculpture 3 dimension
  • work of art painting sculpture on canvas pop art creation
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Mohammed Ali forever

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This work is a sculpture on canvas 3 dimensions painted by hand and ready to be hung on your wall. It is a beautiful, unique and original 3 dimensional creation made with love and passion for the material. It is inspired by the kinetic art movement that allows us to experience the work from several angles.

This work with the mixture pop art, street art and kinetic art very contemporary which pays a beautiful tribute to our favorite heroes

It will harmonize in all types of decorations and will bring a personal touch of elegance and refinement.

the colors are then offered to our eyes as a sweet visual poetry.

This work is revealed as a visual experience giving birth before our eyes to  face as a linear hologram.

This work tells us the story of an emotion, of a look, of the strength
we let our heart enter in the look of this unknown and then this to lose in this colored extent

Welcome to the timeless arena, a sculpted odyssey on canvas that captures the very essence of Muhammad Ali's greatness. This living sculpture, meticulously shaped with boundless passion over long hours, offers more than a mere work of art. It is a complete immersion into the energy, glory, luxury, and magic of the legendary bouts of the ring icon.

Every fiber of this sculpted canvas tells a story—a tale of love for art, dedication to Ali's legacy, and the transcendental power of sports. The graceful movements of the champion, intricately sculpted, capture pure strength, agility, and the determination that made him "The Greatest." You're not merely observing the action; you're feeling every nuance, every heartbeat, every gleam of light in this immersive experience.

Gold and shimmering reflections add a touch of luxury to this piece, creating a sparkling tableau where each detail becomes a celebration of excellence. Light dances on the sculpted surface, forming a radiant ballet that captivates the eye and enchants the soul. This sculpted canvas is not just an investment in a visual masterpiece; it's an investment in an experience that transcends time. It lends your space an aura of inspiration and magnificence, a constant invitation to tap into Ali's inner strength, embrace self-transcendence, and reach the peaks of glory.

Acquiring this masterpiece is inviting a piece of history, daily inspiration, and a tangible reminder of the greatness one can achieve into your home. Every square centimeter of this sculpture is infused with deep passion, and every gaze upon it transports you to the era when Ali reigned supreme in the ring.

Dare to own this piece, not just as an artistic creation but as a perpetual source of inspiration and pride. Turn your space into a living tribute to the greatness of Muhammad Ali. This sculpted odyssey—more than just a work of art, an experience that transcends the boundaries of everyday life.

Data sheet
  • Width

    152 cm (60 inch)

  • Background color


  • Height

    76 cm (30 inch)

  • Technique

    acrylic, sculpture on canvas

  • Chassis

    standard thickness 19 mm (3/4 inch)

  • Work

    single copy

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