Professional Painter

Virginie Schroeder uses lines, geometrical shapes, circles, etc. to create works where things or subjects are not immediately visible.

Verbal and psychological interactivity with the audience is an integral part of his creativity.

His art is the result of a reflection and an aesthetic intuition imposed by the geometry of forms.

Her art must intrigue, lead to questioning by the abstract character of the work at first glance, it is enough to concentrate the eye on a focal point, to move away slightly to glimpse the detailed work, but above all Virginie Schroeder wants things not to be visible immediately.

To see them, we must feel the work, look at it, open and concentrate all our senses and live it fully.

It is not enough to live the emotion of the work, what the artist wants is that the public enters the work and that its spirit is part of it.

The work is made to give new artistic visions and impress the public by the technicality of the work.

When a face, an animal, a landscape or any other subject is destructured linearly, it acquires a completely different form, a completely different identity, a completely different dimension, a completely different prestige: it is not recognized at first glance, it is discovered as the observation progresses.

This is where the magic happens because the conscious mind discovers an abstract work made of a mixture of different bright colours, the subconscious mind and the visuals display a figurative and imaginary work.

Virginie Schroeder is looking for an imaginary, unstructured, popular vision, a difference in her art, she wishes to awaken our senses in the research of her works.

My workshop


In the middle of finishing work, I am very concentrated.