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The art of elegance and refinement is characterized by a subtle and personalized decoration.

To make your interior space your own is synonymous with harmony and comfort.

This harmony is then achieved by adding paint or art objects that will add brightness, value and warmth to your daily life.

A figurative work of art brings a very personal character to this space, it is a bit like a transfer of our moods and emotions on the walls of your home.

Entering the lines and the look of a sculpture painting on a 3 dimensional canvas, offering different levels of vision through the angles of the lines and shadows, is like discovering a work of art that comes to life in front of us and before our eyes.

Letting the sun's rays in and letting them seep into the artist's hand-carved lines brings depth and life to the subject. They come to life in front of us by offering us unsuspected shadows and lights.

This magic happens thanks to the definition and the meticulousness of the sculpture in 3 dimensions on the canvas.

This unique and original creation then takes all its sense because it lives with us, at our rhythm and according to our desires.

Discovering the artistic work done on the painting sculpture, feeling the smallest details is then like a great journey that we make inside our house and inside our heart.

Each colour brings us comfort and warmth and transports us to previously unknown worlds of sensation.

The figurative style of my paintings conveys emotions through faces, shapes, lines and colors. Painting and sculpture are mixed with emotional elegance.

These visible and invisible faces are sometimes represented as they appear, and with the will to restore all the details, but more often the representation simplifies, keeps the essential, schematizes or the artist plays with the forms which he organizes, creates a new form or the visible model was deformed, even stylized by the coherence of the deformations, the coherence, the harmony of the organized, composed forms.

Figurative art can also be the expression of a feeling in front of these works of art, its sublime or strange character which sometimes requires a selection in what is represented, even its distortion plays of the accentuation of subtle perceptive phenomena, in particular in the field of the colors, thus competing with photography.

This is how it is often done. manifests through the shock of violent tones, through systematic deformations a world felt with extreme vital power, as opposed to the stilted and insensitive, even stifling, artistic conduct.

The multiplication of new points of view on the world we know, the microscopic world, the cinema, psychoanalysis give art the opportunity to explore countless possibilities of figurative art or at the borders of abstraction, with more or less hidden symbols.

Figurative art can finally be the interpreted representation of the real world mixed with personal feelings and sensations.

It is up to you to experience my figurative works and to live all the experiences.