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Cinema is an art form that I had to marry with my personal art form. 
Cinema is a modern expression of the human experience. 
Cinema is both the reflection and the interpretation of its time.

Cinema has the power to define and shape our understanding of things that happen in society. 
Cinema can be used for good or for evil. It is up to all artists, directors, writers, actors and producers to ensure that film promotes peace and love in the world.

Cinema can also be a vehicle for social change. 
It can shed light on important problems and issues facing society. For example, films such as Gandhi denounce discrimination and slavery. In this way, films highlight the importance of equality, diversity and freedom for all.

The human experiences of cinema are universal - they are timeless and transcend race, gender, age, cultural background - and they reflect our true human potential to be fully alive
The cinema makes us dream and makes us travel through times, countries and cultures.
This is what my work conveys to us through the eyes and emotions of well-known icons.