Why I paint 3D animal portraits

Posted on , by l'artiste Viginie SCHROEDER

I’m an artist with a passion for painting and sculpting on canvas in 3 dimensions. I love creating portraits of animals that express their personality, beauty and emotion. I invite you to discover my artistic world and share my love of animals.

My love of 3-D canvas sculpture

3-D canvas sculpture is an innovative technique that involves modelling the canvas with relief, texture and depth. This brings painted subjects to life, making them more realistic and expressive. I use this technique to create portraits of animals that stand out, catch the eye and touch the heart.

My love of animals

Animals are my inspiration, my models and my friends. I admire them for their diversity, their intelligence, their sensitivity and their loyalty. I respect them for their courage, adaptation and survival. I love them for their companionship, affection and joy. Each animal has its own story, its own character, its own charm. I try to portray them faithfully and sincerely, through their looks, their expressions and their postures.

My deep love for dogs

Of all animals, dogs have a special place in my heart. They are exceptional beings who offer us unconditional love, unfailing loyalty and unrivalled complicity. They are capable of understanding us, comforting us and protecting us. They are our best friends, our confidants, our life companions. I paint portraits of dogs to pay tribute to them, to say thank you, to please them.

The beauty of the animal world

The animal world is incomparably rich and splendid. It abounds in colours, shapes, textures and patterns. We marvel at its diversity, complexity and creativity. It fascinates us with its beauty, grace and majesty. They move us with their fragility, vulnerability and nobility. I paint animal portraits to celebrate this beauty, to show it off, to share it.

The benefits of animals

Animals are good for us humans. They bring us happiness, well-being and serenity. They help us to relax, to enjoy ourselves, to blossom. They make us laugh, smile and cry. They make us grow, learn and evolve. They make us love, respect and protect. I paint portraits of animals to bear witness to these benefits, to recognise them and pass them on.

To build a better world where animals and people can live freely, with respect for each other, and where they have the same rights as us humans.

Animals are living, sentient, dignified beings. They have the right to live, to express themselves and to flourish. They have the right to be respected, protected and cared for. They have the right to be happy, free and equal. I paint portraits of animals to defend these rights, to claim them, to promote them. I paint portraits of animals to build a better world, where animals and people can live in harmony, peace and love.

Buy a 3-dimensional sculpture canvas

If you love animals, if you appreciate art, if you’re looking for an original decoration, I invite you to buy a 3-dimensional sculpture canvas. You can choose from my creations or ask me for a personalised portrait of your favourite animal. You’ll receive a unique work, handmade using quality materials. You’ll be able to admire your animal portrait in 3D, touch it, smell it and stroke it. You’ll be able to feel its emotion, its energy, its soul. You’ll be able to share a special bond with it, a bond of art, a bond of love


Thank you for reading this blog post. I hope you enjoyed it, that it inspired you, that it made you dream. I hope it has inspired you to discover my work, to contact me, to support me. I hope it has inspired you to paint 3D animal portraits, or at least to admire the ones I paint. I hope it has inspired you to love animals, respect them and protect them. I hope it has made you want to build a better world, where animals and people can live freely, with respect for each other, and where they have the same rights as us humans. Thank you for your attention, your interest and your kindness

See you soon!