Poetic Splendors: The Sculptural Art of My Portraits, a Luxurious Odyssey

Posted on , by l'artiste Viginie SCHROEDER

Welcome to the enchanting world of my portraits, an artistic journey where each brushstroke sculpts emotion in three dimensions. Let’s embark on a dreamy quest into the realms of design, art, and the luxury found in possessing a piece that is both visually and tactilely captivating.

Emotion Sculpted in Three Dimensions

For me, painting portraits is about shaping emotion into a sculpture on canvas. Each brushstroke is a gentle touch that breathes life into the depth of feelings. Faces emerge from the canvas, creating subtle reliefs that capture light in a unique way. Each artwork becomes a moving sculpture, inviting a sensory journey where sight and touch harmoniously blend.

Voyage into the Heart of Feelings

Within my portraits lies an emotional journey, where every shade and every line echoes intimate stories. Each gaze, each expression transports the viewer into a profound exploration of human emotions. Art becomes a mirror of the soul, an adventure that awakens sensitivity and invites one to feel each finely sculpted emotion.

Symphony of Color

My palette transforms into a symphony where each color is a note, each hue a melody. Explore the harmony of dancing tones, creating an unforgettable visual experience. Each color reveals an emotion, an atmosphere, turning the canvas into a visual score that arouses the senses and intoxicates the soul. Immerse yourself in this symphony of color and let the magic of each pigment carry you away.

Life’s Story

Each portrait is a captivating story, a visual chronicle that narrates the tale of a life. Facial features become lines of time, with every detail evoking precious moments, buried dreams, and unforgettable experiences. Art becomes a testimony to the richness and diversity of each existence, an invitation to contemplate the narratives etched in every gaze and every wrinkle.

Journey into Artistic Luxury

Dive into my creations, undertaking a journey into the heart of artistic luxury. Every detail is meticulously thought out, every nuance is a statement of sophistication. Owning one of my artworks becomes a celebration of refinement, a centerpiece that transcends mere decoration to become an exquisite visual and tactile experience.


Immerse yourself in the sculptural essence of my portraits, a luxurious odyssey where art becomes an experience both visually and tactilely rich. Discover the pleasure of owning a creation that surpasses the ordinary, an invitation to live in a world where dreams and reality harmonize in three dimensions. Be captivated by the poetic brilliance of art, transforming your living space into an artistic sanctuary of rare beauty.


Talk to you very soon….