Welcome to my vibrant, dreamlike world.

My 3-dimensional sculptures, with their flowing forms and shimmering colors, are invitations to daydream and escape.

Each creation tells a story, whispers an emotion, and transports the collector into a world where imagination reigns supreme.

Let yourself be seduced by the finesse of my work, the precision of my gestures and the magic of my inspirations.

My sculptures, both sensual and ethereal, capture light and diffuse it in a fascinating ballet.

Discover my website for an unforgettable visual experience and explore a world where matter comes to life and metamorphoses into spellbinding works of art.

To treat yourself to a sculpture by Virginie Schroeder is to acquire a share in dreams and eternity.


Virginie Schroeder is an internationally acclaimed painter and sculptor from France, Canada and Quebec. She creates unique and original 3-dimensional works that offer a unique visual experience, like a physical visual hologram on canvas.

She uses lines, geometric shapes, circles, etc., to create works in which the objects or subjects are not immediately visible.

Verbal and psychological interactivity with the public is an integral part of her creativity.

His art is the result of reflection and aesthetic intuition imposed by the geometry of forms.

Her art must intrigue and provoke questioning through the abstract nature of the work at first glance. All you have to do is focus your eye on a focal point, and then move away slightly to catch a glimpse of the detailed work, but above all Virginie Schroeder wants things not to be immediately visible.

To see them, you have to feel the work, look at it, open and focus all your senses, and experience it fully.

It's not enough to experience the emotion of the work; what the artist wants is for the audience to enter into the work, and for their minds to become part of it.

The work is made to give new artistic visions and impress the public with its technicality.

When a face, an animal, a landscape or any other subject is deconstructed linearly, it acquires a totally different form, a totally different identity, a totally different dimension, a totally different prestige: you don't recognize it at first glance, you discover it as you observe it.

This is where the magic happens, as the conscious mind discovers an abstract work of art made of a mixture of different bright colors, while the subconscious and the visual mind discover a figurative and imaginary work of art.
Virginie schroeder is looking for an imaginary, unstructured, popular vision, a difference in her art, she wishes to awaken our senses in the search for her work

Virginie schroeder also offers you the experience of a made-to-measure commission. A painting, a picture painted and sculpted to measure according to your wishes and desires with the colors you love.