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A comic strip is a form of artistic expression, a unique and original art form, often referred to as the ninth art, using a juxtaposition of drawings articulated in narrative sequences and most often accompanied by text, also called sequential art.

Depending on the context, the term "comic strip" may refer to the form of expression, i.e. the technique as such, but also to the medium that supports the comic strip

In North America, where it is called comicscomic books include superheroes like Superman, catwoman... but also the adventures of Tintin, Gaston Lagaffe, Spirou...

In my works, I wanted to pay homage to all those classics that rocked our childhood but I also wanted to make the subjects richer and more sophisticated.

I wanted our eyes to relive the adventures by diving into the lines. I wanted the lines to float in space as if we were watching a sequence from an old film reel from yesterday's cinema