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The still life acquires its notoriety in Holland. This term designates compositions of inert objects.

These objects often have great emotional significance.

These paintings sculptures on canvas 3 dimensions painted and sculpted has the hand are the socio-economic reflection of a time, a memory, the testimony of a certain prosperity or a certain nostalgia.

But these representations are also an invitation to consumption and contemplation.

These meticulous compositions are often linked to this idea of vanity and envy.

Despite the representation of a certain richness, one must not lose sight of the idea that still life is mainly an evocation of death and the ephemeral nature of life. Every object, every moment of the life we have loved is ephemeral.

The still life is an ancestral genre, an obligatory passage to pay homage to objects or scenes that we appreciate. But it is much more than that.

In each era, it is reinvented by artists with many techniques and colors. The still life becomes a new language to convey emotions, memories, messages about life .... It becomes a springboard between the real world and the imaginary.

The still life lives again under different aspects and tells us the story of our life, our moments, our emotions and our feelings. It will live and die with us and pass on values to future generations because it will remain synonymous with an era.

In conclusion, the still life is a contemporary art form that uses codes of figurative art in its realization as well as in its meanings. The works of art begin to live in the eyes of those who look at them. The goal of my work is not to copy reality, nor to create a new one, but to create a visual experience in order to feel emotions.

Anyone can appreciate a painting of a still life, a portrait or a historical scene, but my artworks, my original and unique creations are more for an intellectual environment, where the mind and imagination are more important.

Besides, my creations do not exist only for painting since there are also abstract sculptures, drawings, abstract images...

With my art enters a new art, each person weaves a link with the work of art that is specific to him. By not trying to imitate reality, art calls on the imagination and tastes of each person